Tuesday, November 4, 2014

5 Things I Miss About Breastfeeding

There are a lot of things I miss about nursing my babies, and several that I don't miss at all, but for the most part, I was fortunate enough to have a positive experience.  Here are five things that I have realized that I took for granted during that year that I nursed each of my kids.

1. The smell of their poop. I am not saying it smelled good, like make it into a Yankee Candle so your entire house smells like it good (I can see it now, a mustard gold candle named "Breastfed Baby"), but their poop did not smell offensive to me. My aunt always said it smells like buttered popcorn, and it kind of does.  It smells so much better than the real deal poops once solid food and cow's milk are introduced.

2. Baby breath. I loved the way my son's breath smelled. It smelled so sweet and good and 100% baby. I literally would sniff his little mouth.  Perhaps this was a mother's instinct thing, because my husband didn't understand what I was talking about.

3. Nail trimming. I would trim my babies' nails when they were nursing.  They were relaxed and milk drunk and happy.  They wouldn't even register what I was doing. Now the squirmy feet kick and the hands flail. Have you ever tried to cut an angry cat's claws?  It is like that.

4.  The excuse it gave me for an escape. Breastfeeding is the best reason to make your exit from an undesirable situation. Loud family gathering? Older kid having a melt down? Oh!  Sorry, the baby needs to be fed, excuse me while I go upstairs for a few minutes and play Candy Crush on my phone, um I mean, feed the baby.

5. My comfy nursing bra. I wore the soft cup, sports bra-like type that can give you that uni-boob look, and I didn't care. I wore that thing practically 24 hours a day, I slept in it long after the threat of leaky boobs that required nursing pads at night. Now that I am no longer nursing, I am back to underwire..ugh..underwire.

If you breastfed your baby, what do you miss?


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