Sunday, November 9, 2014

Why it is Awesome to be the Second Child: A Letter to my Son

Dear Sweet Boy,

This picture, right here, exists to prove to you that it is awesome to be a second child. You are at the top of the slide of a bounce house. You climbed up the stairs all by yourself, and with a little coaxing, you slid down, and then you wanted to do it again.  You are sixteen months old. Do you want to know what your sister was doing when she was sixteen months old?  She was probably sitting in the baby swing at the park. I never in my wildest imagination would have taken her to an indoor bounce house. NEVER. I would have dismissed the idea as if someone had suggested I let her run around with scissors at shooting range.  You, you lucky boy, are the little brother, the second child.

You have already tried ketchup. As a matter of fact, you ate it tonight on your chicken.  Your sister was denied that luxury until she was almost two years old. You are more skilled with a spoon than your sister was at sixteen months, because we gave it to you earlier. You take a bath in the big tub.  Your sister was still bathing in the little blue whale tub at this age.  There is no room to splash in that thing! You have so much more fun during bath time than she did.  You have your own personal comedienne. You think your sister is the funniest thing on the planet. Imagine if you just had me and Daddy to make your laugh? Bor-ing! Being a second child means there is a plethora of toys to play with and books to read whenever you want (OK, whenever your sister is nice and shares).  You know what, you get to play with my phone and the remote control more often than she EVER did. Isn't it fun pushing all of those buttons on the remote and talking to Siri?

I am a second child and so is your Daddy. I know it can be hard to be little when your older sibling gets to do things that you can't do.  I can sympathize with all of the "not fair" things you will experience. I will help you through those times.  I want you to know that my love for you is just as big as it is for your sister.  I want you to keep sliding down bounce house slides.  I won't wrap you in first-timer-parent bubble wrap, I know you won't break. I am braver now. I will give you opportunities to be brave too, to fall down, and get back up.

You will be OK, and I will be too.


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